Our Heritage



There’s a remarkable story reflected in every Loewen window. It all begins at the turn of the twentieth century on the lonely prairies of southern Manitoba. Here in the village of Steinbach, a group of Mennonite families, including the Loewens, migrated from Russia.

Among the first things made by the Loewen millwork for the fast-growing community were humble items like church pews and beekeeping equipment. But soon, windows and doors became our specialty.

Today, we create elegantly wrought windows and doors for discriminating homeowners around the globe. The key to our success is simple: while we’ve remained faithful to our roots — particularly in our deeply held traditional craft values and work ethic — we’ve also grown to embrace new technologies and ideas from places as diverse as Europe, Japan, and of course, North America.

We are a company where seeming opposites exist in harmony; the old and the new; delicate beauty and a steely toughness; and pride in craft tempered by an abiding humility. The result is windows and doors that possess a rich heritage, a striking beauty, even a kind of soul you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Loewen Centennial Video

This 11 minute video will take your through our company history, from humble beginnings to a leading manufacturer of wood windows and doors.

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Loewen Timeline

Mennonites from the Milk River region of Russia — the Loewen family among them — immigrate to Steinbach and elsewhere in Manitoba’s “East Reserve”.

The Loewen business begins, led by C.T. Loewen, who had learned sawyer skills from his immigrant father. The vast Boreal forest that borders Steinbach, together with the emerging markets in Winnipeg and across the prairies, translate into potential in C.T.’s entrepreneurial vision. Bee-keeping equipment and church pews are some of the first items made by Loewen Millwork.

During a period of rural electrification, Loewen turns out hydropole cross members by the thousands. Windows and doors have become our specialty and our passion.

In the post-war years, home construction booms across Canada. Many Canadians building homes take advantage of the new concept of preassembled windows and doors — rather than having carpenters build them on site. Loewen focuses on meeting this demand.

Under the leadership of Cornelius P. Loewen (son of C.T. Loewen), Loewen becomes the region’s leading employer. The prairie provinces and northwestern Ontario are our prime markets.

Third generation Loewens, Charles, Paul and Clyde, decide to augment our company’s unique qualities — our old world craftsmanship and work ethic — with the most advanced production technology available. New horizons begin to open up and the Loewen brand becomes synonymous with distinctive quality.

late 1980's
Loewen arrives at a crossroads. Other window manufacturers are switching to vinyl windows and doors but Loewen opts for the road less traveled, insisting on premium materials instead. The decision to exclusively use Douglas Fir accentuates our upscale cachet

Loewen exports products to Japan, where there's a high traditional, cultural appreciation of elegant woodwork.

Our first U.S. branch office opens in Chicago, providing American homeowners, builders and architects better access to the Loewen line.

A 157,000 square foot addition is built, marking the 12th and single largest expansion since 1960.

Loewen introduces ten new products, including Push Out Casements and StormForce™.

Loewen celebrates 100 years and introduces Mahogany and Loewen Architectural Services.

Loewen’s second century holds the promise of even more inspiring, intelligent design like the Cyprium Collection of copper and bronze clad products. Loewen also becomes the first major window and door manufacturer to offer FSC® certified Douglas Fir products.

Loewen is the recipient of the 2007 Crystal Achievement Award for Best Product Literature for a large manufacturer.

Loewen introduces the Loewen LiftSlide, and continues to deliver unrivaled design and innovation.

Loewen is acquired by VKR Holding of Denmark.

Loewen is acquired by a new ownership group (click here for more)