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Case Studies


Windermere House, Edmonton, AB

E3 Architecture’s designs feature a distinctive European flair, achieving balance of modernity and warmth by seamlessly incorporating metal and glass elements with wood, warm hues and natural light.

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Cove House, Lake Austin, TX

Furman + Keil Architects is an award-winning firm dedicated to providing a design-focused service that welcomes collaboration.

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Fulton House, Palo Alto, CA

California-based Square Three Design Studios creates single-family homes that blend contemporary, non-traditional architecture with warm, livable comfort.

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Cyprium House, Whitehall, MI

Founded in 1990, J. Visser Design is an award-winning residential design firm committed to helping clients realize their vision.

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Tofino Panorama, Vancouver Island, BC

Leith Anderson Architecture is committed to working openly with clients and preserving the natural environment.

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Hurlstone House, North Westport, CT

Sellars Lathrop Architects, founded in 1999, is a part of a growing movement towards resilient home design.

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Windrush Creek, St. Louis, MO

Dick Busch started working as an architect in 1972. 20 years later, he branched out to create one of the top residential home design firms in St. Louis.

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Tseshaht First Nations Tribal Multiplex

In 1975, Lubor Trubka founded a firm that would quickly establish itself as a Canadian leader in wood design and architecture.

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Solar Crest, Sidney Island, BC

Blue Sky Architects Bo Helliwell and Kim Smith have been working together for over 25 years, with a focus on seasonal and residential homes.

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