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TruMetal is a metal coating finish that has a base of metal particles that is applied to the surface of our products. Your windows and doors can have the feel of a fine sculpture or the rustic feel of rusted iron. With TruMetal you have the beauty and depth of finish that can come from the use of solid metal. Your desires determine the look and depth of finish.

TruMetal finishes are a work of art. Commission yours today and let our artistry enhance your home. TruMetal finishes are applied by hand and can be applied in split finish (interior and exterior), although it is most commonly used only on the exterior of windows and doors.


  • TruMetal coating is a cold applied coating of metal granules with a specialized resin solution
  • Durability is the same as the original base metal
  • Metal coating can be polished, textured or it can be pre or naturally painted
  • Coatings can be sealed, oiled or waxed for the protection of the finish
  • Excellent durability for indoor/outdoor environments
  • Allows windows and doors to have the same look and feel of solid metal with resistance to water, chemical and UV light
  • Ongoing tests of the TruMetal coatings have lasted in excess of 15 years with limited care and maintenance




TruMetal has the capacity to recreate a historical look as well as lend a contemporary appearance. With its slender profile, Bauhaus-style glazing can be simulated and restored. The subtle profile yields an elegant ambiance to any room.

TruMetal is preferred among many architects and is offered in thermally broken as well as non-thermally broken. The thermally broken material is made up of well-crafted and designed steel and fiber-reinforced high performance plastic. This material has guaranteed minimal heat loss and maximum stability. Standard dual glazing can be easily integrated for optimum functionality.

Features and Benefits of TruMetal

  • Narrow sight lines
  • Energy efficient
  • Elimination of interior condensation and frost
  • Deeper glazing pockets allow for thicker glazing combinations & improved U values
  • State of the art architectural coatings
  • In-swing and out-swing designs
  • Swiss design –  tested and rated in North America


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