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Loewen Sealed Units offer ideal solutions for any environment. With countless glazing configurations and Low E coating options, we ensure that you can choose the perfect blend of protection and comfort – no matter where you live.


We are proud to introduce the next generation of Heat-Smart® industry leading technologies.

  • Loewen standard 1/8” (3 mm) double strength glass offers greater strength and clarity over thinner glass, making our products more insulative, more soundproof, more resistant to impact and considerably more resistant to stresses caused by fluctuations in temperature
  • Loewen standard sealed units contain argon gas and machine applied primary and secondary sealants reducing the chance of seal failure, improving argon gas retention, and increasing strength

Heat-Smart® Window Systems offer varying levels of thermal protection. They also protect furnishings by screening out much of the damaging ultraviolet radiation that causes fading and related damage. The charts on the next page show the comparative performance of each Loewen Window System. Heat-Smart® is a high-performance glazing system that offers great thermal value in a variety of climate zones.


Double glazed, with one or more layers of Low E coating and one 1/2” (13 mm) air space filled with argon gas and inserted thermal spacer bar.


Triple glazed, with multiple layers of Low E coatings and two 1/2” (13 mm) air spaces filled with argon gas and inserted thermal spacer bars.



Additional options include a wide variety of novelty glass treatments. These images are a sample of the offerings that can be added to selected Loewen windows and doors. Please contact you local dealer for the full range of options and applications.