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Cyprium Collection

Copper and bronze have an enduring place in architecture, a position that has lasted thousands of years. These building materials have adorned castles and cathedrals because of their beauty and durability. Loewen's Cyprium Collection combines this heritage with modern technologies, creating a unique offering in the fenestration market. This esteemed product line boasts an artisan-applied patina on thick copper or bronze cladding. A combination of innovation and pure craft.

Copper & Bronze Fenestration

More Than Cladding

The Loewen Cyprium Collection features copper and bronze clad windows and doors. Besides being clad in copper and bronze, the design and construction of these windows and doors is unique when compared to the rest of our product line. The Cyprium collection is artisanal in detail, including hand-soldered exterior joints and rich, tactile depth of texture in the thick metal cladding and deep profiles. These hand-wrought living surfaces develop distinctive patinas that adopt and define the individual aesthetic character of the homes to which they belong

Our Cyprium Collection includes Awning/Casement windows, Direct Set windows as well as Swinging doors, and LiftSlide doors.


  • Custom artisan-applied patina for accelerated aging
  • Common frame cladding and recessed mullions are architecturally correct and authentic
  • Thick copper and bronze cladding are rarely both offered from the same manufacturer
  • Authentic exposed solder joinery for water and structural integrity

Soldered Joints

Lead-free hand soldered joints render an authentic appearance that is both attractive and functional. Soldered joints create a cohesive, watertight body for frame and sash members resulting in a uniform reaction to temperature fluctuation.

Copper Natura

Recessed Mullion

Recessed from the face of the sill and frame, this classical mullion detail adds visual harmony. Cyprium’s deep sills are well suited to masonry wall construction.

Copper Natura

Capped Sill End

Hand-fitted sill caps are soldered in place for structural integrity and a finished appearance.

Bronze Umbra

Cyprium Collection

Living Finish

Patinas, the living finishes that cloak copper and bronze, are as unique as their location. Patinas typically progress from their natural state, through earthy browns and finally settle into a distinctive verdigris green.