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Awning / Casement

Our awning and casement windows are renowned for their ultra smooth operation and industry-leading performance. We've carefully considered this product line, ensuring we have configurations for every architectural scenario.

Awning & Casement Windows

Incredibly smooth operation and exceptional performance.

Ultra-smooth operation and industry-leading performance have made this product one of our most popular offerings. These windows provide your home with meaningful ventilation, but close so tightly they create a seal in your building envelope that is equally meaningful. We also have an awning or casement for any design scenario; many of our awnings and casements adorn the most modern architectural projects, and our Mission® casements are sometimes configured to look like Double Hung windows.

Our Offering

  • Pushout & Rotogear Awnings
  • Pushout & Rotogear Casements
  • Pushout French Casements
  • Automated Awnings
  • Mission® Casements
  • Aluminum, Retractable, and Inswing Screens


  • Effortless operation using highly durable, proprietary roto gear cranks and covers in multiple styles
  • Retractable screens seamlessly integrate into the window, no obstruction of the viewing area
  • Loewen True Triple Glazing, featuring optimal 1/2″ airspaces, maximizes energy efficiency
  • Solid wood moldings
  • Concealed black jamb liners improve water management and thermal performance

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Awning Windows

Virtual Walk-Through

Watch the video.

The best way to get up to speed on our products is an in-person walk-through with one of our product experts. Since that’s not always possible, we’ve produced some videos to explain operation, features, and options.

Exterior Styling

Metal-Clad, All-Wood, or Cyprium

Our Awning/Casement exteriors can be metal-clad (extruded aluminum), non-clad (all wood), or you can choose an A/C window from our Cyprium Collection (our Cyprium products are unique in more ways than just the Copper and Bronze cladding, see the Cyprium Collection page for details). To understand all the exterior styles available, hop over to our Colors & Finishes page. You’ll want to look at the clad colors, wood paints & stains, and our Cyprium patinas.

Interior Styling

The Warmth of Wood

The interior of our A/C windows will be a beautiful and high-performing wood species. Our standard of course is Coastal Douglas Fir, but alternative species like Honduran Mahogany are also available. You can leave the interior with a simple clear coat, stain it, or paint it. To see our limited prefinishing options, see our Colors & Finishes page.

Honduran Mahogany

Beautiful alternative wood species.

Aside from Coastal Douglas Fir, Honduran Mahogany is a great choice for any awning/casement window. The unit below is a beautiful example of a crank casement in Honduran Mahogany. This particular window also has a Cyprium exterior and an integrated retractable screen.

Crank Casement & Awning Hardware

Crank and Covers, Multipoint Sash Locks

We offer three crank and cover options: Provence, Tango, and Contemporary. These handles come in a variety of finishes, for a comprehensive look at these finishes please see our Window Hardware page.

For added strength and security, our crank casements and awnings also include a concealed multipoint lock as a standard. These locks are available in all the same finishes as our crank and covers.

Pushout Casement & Awning Hardware

Pushout Handles

We offer two pushout handle options: our traditional pushout handle (multipoint or singlepoint operation) and Contemporary. These handles come in a variety of finishes, for a comprehensive look at these finishes please see our Window Hardware page.

Automated Awnings

The Click of a Switch

It’s important to note that we also offer automated awnings. In scenarios where your awning is too high to reach, an automated system allows you to open this window with nothing more than a light-switch style control.


Crank & Covers

We offer three crank and cover handles: Tango, Provence, and Contemporary (pictured).



Pushout Handles

We offer two pushout handles: our traditional pushout handle (available in multipoint or singlepoint operation) and our Contemporary pushout handle. The standard multipoint is pictured here.



Multipoint Sash Lock

Multipoint Sash Locks come standard on our crank casements and awnings.


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