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Our dramatic BiFold doors consist of multiple panels that fold open, creating a large opening that makes for a stunning transition to the fresh air and spaciousness of outdoor living. Available in configurations of up to 16 panels (52 feet wide), our customers are bound to make a statement with our BiFold doors.


  • Our BiFold Doors use the same panels as our Terrace Doors and French Doors, ensuring seamless continuity of aesthetics between product lines
  • We can do system-wide configurations of up to 52 feet with panel heights of around 9 feet
  • Configurations can include a man-door for an alternative entry/exit method
  • Utilizes the same stainless steel European multipoint gear that we use on our swinging doors
  • Offered with a variety of sleek handle styles in corrosion resistant finishes
  • Available in our beautiful vertical-grain Coastal Douglas Fir or alternative wood species
  • Unique to this product, the weight of the door is carried at the head
  • Retractable screens can be integrated, allowing for maximum ventilation and protection from insects

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Virtual Walk-Through

Get up to speed on our BiFold Door offering.

The best way to get up to speed on our products is an in-person walk-through with one of our product experts. Since that’s not always possible, we’ve produced some videos to explain operation, features, and options.

Exterior Styling

Metal-Clad or All-Wood

Our BiFold exteriors can be metal-clad (extruded aluminum) or non-clad (all wood). Therefore, the exterior can showcase any of the clad colors you’ll see on our Colors & Finishes page. In the case of a non-clad unit, a painted or stained finish could be used (see our Colors & Finishes page for our pre-finishing offerings).

Interior Styling

The Warmth of Wood

The interior of our BiFold doors will be a beautiful and high-performing wood species. Our standard of course is Coastal Douglas Fir, but alternative species like Honduran Mahogany are also available. You can leave the interior with a simple clear coat, stain it, or paint it. To see our limited pre-finishing options, see our Colors & Finishes page.

BiFold Hardware

TD Handles, Twin Point Lock Handles, Shoot Bolts

Loewen BiFold doors include either flush-mounted shoot bolts, or a Twin Point Lock handle. Additionally, many BiFold door configurations also include a man-door, in this case you’ll also need to choose a handle from our Terrace Door handle set. For a comprehensive look at all these offerings, please see our Door Hardware page.

BiFold Doors

Great Transitions

A simple benefit of BiFold Doors is the narrow track, regardless of how large the opening is.

BiFold Windows

Add a slick indoor/outdoor transition right on your countertop.

BiFold units are well-suited for window applications. This is often a great solution in kitchen and entertaining areas, creating a large pass-through unit between indoor and outdoor serving spaces. The window folds out, so there’s no interference with kitchen faucets, and BiFold tracks stay narrow regardless of the opening size.

This small gallery includes an image set that features a BiFold Window/Swinging Terrace Door combination.