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Custom Capabilities

With over a trillion standard configurations, the design possibilities are endless.

One Line

Unlike other companies, Loewen offers one line of specialized products. This allows us to focus all of our resources into a design that is both flexible and enduring. With this approach we can provide a vast selection of refined products to select from, with the ability to tailor our offering to meet your exact needs. Our goal is to help you realize your unique architectural vision and we will work closely with you to develop the products that will enable that to happen.

  • Every item that leaves our plant is completely made-to-order; we don’t pull prefabricated products off a shelf
  • For those extremely unique scenarios that require additional support, please refer to the section on our Custom Shop


Our Approach

Every item that leaves our plant is completely made-to-order; we don’t pull prefabricated products off a shelf.

Custom Shop

We understand that no two projects are exactly alike. Design is fluid and ever changing, and our highly-regarded Custom Shop works in unison with our customers to create distinctive pieces based on their specific design requests. Whether you are looking for custom glazing, custom species, distressing, stains, or custom exterior casings, we will provide a solution for you.

Custom Shop Projects

Dual Pushout Casement

This shaped unit is a dual pushout casement window. The exterior features our wire-brushed Coastal Grey finish.

Custom Shop Projects

Dual Pass-Through Window

Increasingly popular, our pass-through windows lift and stay open via a pair of pistons. Typically these windows sit between an inside kitchen and an outdoor serving area.

Custom Shop Projects

Pivot Door

This is a 5 foot wide, solid wood pivot door. This door includes a drop seal that engages when the door is closed.

Custom Shop Projects

Dutch Door

We’ve done a surprising number of Dutch doors through our Custom Shop. This one showcases a triple glazed sealed unit.

Custom Shop Offerings

Examples of what we've done.

Custom operations and configurations include:

  • Large pivot doors
  • Custom entry doors
  • Strut operated pass through awnings
  • Tilt/turn window
  • Dutch doors
  • Inswing Casements
  • Hoppers
  • Pre-finishing (paint or stain)

Previous Projects


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