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Wood Species

Authenticity is at the core of our product design, we continuously utilize genuine materials like Coastal Douglas Fir, Honduran Mahogany, and White Oak.

Coastal Douglas Fir

Strength & Durability

Coastal Douglas Fir is the strongest and most durable of all the soft woods.

Coastal Douglas Fir

Our Standard

Solid Coastal Douglas Fir is our standard where it is an upgrade for others.

Coastal Douglas Fir


Coastal Douglas Fir out-performs other Douglas Fir species, and vastly out-performs other soft wood species (pine, etc.).

Coastal Douglas Fir

Our tough and resilient standard wood species.

Douglas Fir is North America’s most plentiful softwood species; Loewen provides Coastal Douglas Fir as our standard because it is the best species for luxury projects. Coastal Douglas Fir is the premium grade of Douglas Fir, being the strongest and most durable of all the soft woods. Not only does it give our products a rich, warm texture, it is also remarkably tough and resilient. By choosing Coastal Douglas Fir as our standard we promise a beautiful future for our customers.

  • The strength of Coastal Douglas Fir lies in its high natural resistance to moisture absorption, decay, and insect infestation
  • Coastal Douglas Fir out-performs other Douglas Fir species and vastly outperforms other soft wood species (such as pine, etc.)
  • Solid Coastal Douglas Fir is our standard where it is an upgrade for others; when offered as an upgrade, many of our competitors typically only provide it as a thin veneer over lesser materials

The Warmth of Wood

Large Assemblies

Large window assemblies and Timber Curtain Walls really emphasize how inviting wood windows and doors are.


Douglas Fir outperforms Ponderosa Pine.

Wood Species Specific Gravity (density) Impact Strength
(height of drop in inches)
Compression Strength (psi) Compression Strength (psi) Hardness (lbs) Resistance to Decay
Douglas Fir 0.48 31.0 7,230 800 710 Moderate
Ponderosa Pine 0.40 19.0 5,320 580 420 Slightly to

Fastener Retention

This chart shows the force required to remove fasteners.

Wood Species Nail Screw Hinge
Douglas Fir 189 lbs 527 lbs 743 lbs
Ponderosa Pine 98 lbs 392 lbs 486 lbs

Additional Wood Species

Besides Coastal Douglas Fir, we offer other beautiful and durable wood species.

Honduran Mahogany
Genuine Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) is naturally resistant to decay and is far stronger than African Mahogany. This species offers a rich grain with a short, light swirled pattern. When first cut, its colors range from rose to light brown. As the wood ages, it transforms to its distinctive reddish-brown color.

White Oak
Strong and straight grained, this beautiful species is highly sought after due to its durability and ability to accept stain finishes.

The molecular structure is modified from the core to the surface to create an incredibly stable material for windows and doors. Acceptance of paint and stain finishes as well as overall resistance to rot and decay is better than many of nature’s most durable wood species.

*Cherry, Alder, Walnut, Incense Cedar, and other species are available upon request.

Mahogany Double Hung

Honduran Mahogany

Half Round Accoya Door 2


Cherry Combo Unit (2)


Interior/Exterior Stains & Distressing

A Custom Shop Offering

Through our Custom Shop, we offer pre-finishing for our wood products. Due to the expertise and consistency required to properly finish wood products to our standards, a limited range of finishes are allowed. In addition to staining, optional wire-brushed distressing can be applied.

Available Finishes


Coastal Grey

This Double Hung window was built in our Custom Shop. In addition to the integral ogee lugs, this unit showcases a wire-brushed Coastal Grey exterior and a smooth Tucson interior.