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StormForce Series

Loewen's StormForce Series comprises our impact-rated windows and doors. We implement laminated impact glass, and in some cases additional bracing, to meet impact certifications. Besides that, these are the same architecturally correct and high performing windows and doors we're known for.

StormForce Series


Born out of an unfortunate necessity, our StormForce Series has been put to the test multiple times in coastal regions like the South Eastern US and Caribbean.

Our Impact-Rated Offering

We've invested in maximum protection for coastal environments.

Our structurally enhanced StormForce products are tested and certified by an independent agency; testing is based on extreme conditions and varying product sizes. Code compliance is a fundamental aspect of Loewen design and engineering. There are two main certifications we consider when designing our products: Wind Zone 4 (HVHZ/Miami-Dade) and Wind Zone 3 impact products. Wind Zone 4 is the most stringent hurricane-zone certification.

Our Offering (Incl. Certifications)

  • Awning & Casement Windows – Wind Zone 4
  • Picture/Direct Set Windows (Rectangular/Square Shapes) – Wind Zone 4
  • Picture/Direct Set Windows (Specialty Shapes) – Wind Zone 3
  • Double/Single Hung Windows – Wind Zone 4
  • Swinging Terrace/French Doors – Wind Zone 4
  • Sliding Patio Doors – Wind Zone 4
  • LiftSlide Doors – Wind Zone 4


  • Purposely designed to withstand all of nature’s harshest elements – hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, driving rain, sweltering heat and freezing cold
  • No unsightly brackets and/or locks commonly seen on coastal products
  • The same architecturally correct styling and industry-leading thermal performance seen in our other product lines

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StormForce Technical Guide

Building Codes

Miami-Dade, HVHZ, Wind Zone 3 & 4.

Many terms are used synonymously to describe impact/wind certifications. Miami-Dade, High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), and Wind Zone 4 all refer to the same stringent requirements found in the Miami-Dade and Broward counties of Florida, these are the most stringent standards on windows and doors compared to any other region in North America. Many of our products meet these standards.

Wind Zone 3 products are also impact-rated, and are approved for many other counties in Florida and other hurricane regions in general. Most of our products meet the most stringent Wind Zone 4 requirements, whereas some of our specialty shapes meet Wind Zone 3 requirements.

You can find all Loewen products (impact and non-impact) here: Florida Building Codes

Besides the obvious protection against extreme weather conditions, impact products are often implemented for security reasons. It's next to impossible to smash through laminated impact-glass.

Impact Glazing

Keeping hurricane winds out of your home.

A compromised building envelope during an extreme weather event can cause catastrophic damage to a home, as strong winds can now enter the structure with no way out. Loewen’s impact glazing prevents windborne debris from penetrating the home. Even when broken, the glass fragments remain integral, adhering to the plastic interlayer, to preserve the building envelope.

All Loewen StormForce products use industry leading laminated glass. Laminated glass has the look of ordinary glass but offers a fortification against accidental impact, forced entry, sun damage and noise that far surpasses that of standard glass.

With impact products rated up to DP 85, Loewen’s superior design is able to withstand 9,000 cycles of positive and negative wind loading, 105 psf structural loading and the impact of a D-Missile*.

* D-Missile certified products are tested to withstand impact from a 9 pound 2 x 4 stud, 8 feet in length, at an impact speed of 50 feet/second. Products are then tested to withstand 9,000 positive and negative wind loading cycles without failure of the building envelope.

Laminated Glass

Unprotected Home

During extreme weather events windborne debris travels at high enough velocities to shatter glass. A broken window or door will allow storm winds into the home, if these winds don’t find an exit, they’ll make one.

Laminated Glass

Protected Home

Though impact glass may shatter, the lamination layer prevents the barrier from being compromised, meaning the strong storm winds are prevented from entering the home.

Laminated Glass

Impact Glass

An impact sealed unit employs one or two standard panes of glass alongside one laminated pane. The laminated pane actually comprises two panes that are laminated together. Though the glass may shatter, the laminated interlayer remains intact.