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Colors & Finishes

Standard Palette

Painted Clad Finishes (AAMA 2605 / 70% Kynar)

Loewen’s finish palette provides the perfect finishing touch for fulfilling your vision, while also providing industry leading quality and performance. Loewen’s paint formula includes 70% Kynar 500 PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) resin, which offers the greatest resistance to weathering, fading and chalking. This ensures a beautiful finish that will last with minimal maintenance. With excellent appearance and durability, these paints meet the specifications of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605.

Anodized Finishes (AAMA 611)

For a durable alternative to paints and organic coatings, our Anodized Finishes offer a rich matte look that reduces sunlight glare and allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance. In addition to the aesthetically desirable etching, our Anodized Finishing also increases resistance to abrasion and corrosion on aluminum. This aluminum is 100% recyclable and uses a waterbased process with no volatile organic compounds for eco-friendliness.

* Anodized finishes are not recommended for coastal environments

Alpine White



Dover Grey

Storm Grey

Stone Grey



Tuscany Brown

Steel Matte Black


Midnight Bronze

Steel Matte Bronze

Country Road



Woodland Green

Hartford Green



Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized

Extra Dark Bronze Anodized

Custom Palette

A few more anodized finishes or configure your own custom color.

Enhancing our Standard Palette, our Custom Palette includes a few extra anodized finishes and the option to configure your own custom paint colors. The integral cross matching system and color approval process ensures that you get the exact custom paint color you want every time. The custom paint colors below are just examples of custom colors that have been configured in the past, you can configure your own color at the same cost as using one of these examples (not applicable to anodized finishes).

Additional Anodized Finishes

Champagne Anodized

Light Bronze Anodized

Copper Anodized

Medium Bronze Anodized

Black Anodized

Examples of Custom Paint Colors

Antique White


Ash Grey


Winter Wheat



Sahara Sand

Sedona Brown


Harvest Gold


Newport Blue

Canadian Thistle



Candy Apple

Canyon Red

River Rouge

Olive Grove

Rocky Mountain

Admiral Blue

Mediterranean Blue

Chesapeake Blue

Deep Sea

Sage Green

Sea Grass

Forest Green

Island Hunter

Liberty Green








Classic Copper

Alternative Cladding


An important part of our cladding offering is found in our Cyprium Collection (copper and bronze cladding). Our Cyprium Collection products are different in more ways than just the cladding material. Be sure to check out the Cyprium page for more information.

Interior Paint Prefinishing

For Douglas Fir

Jet Black and Oxford White are premium waterborne finishes that are specifically designed to provide exceptional performance. They are formulated with a proprietary blend of self-crosslinking acrylic and urethane resins to yield a finish that is tough, longlasting, and resistant to household chemicals.

These low-VOC/HAP-free finishes have great flow and leveling characteristics, as well as superior coverage with a fantastic feel, while meeting ANSI/KCMA and WDMA TM-14 standards.

Jet Black and Oxford White prefinishes are available as standard configurations.

Prefinish_Oxford White_DH_1

Prefinish_Jet Black_ AC_1

Prefinish_Oxford White_AC_1

Interior/Exterior Stains & Distressing

A Custom Shop Offering

We offer beautiful, hand-applied wood stains through our Custom Shop. We regularly create custom stains for our customers, matching the key finishes that are present in their homes. In addition to staining, optional wire-brushed distressing can be applied for even more texture. Here are some examples of stains we’ve done.

Wood Stains

Wirebrushed Coastal Grey

Custom Shop Double Hung

Wood Stains

Wirebrushed Tucson

Custom Shop French Door

Wood Stains

Wirebrushed Western

Accoya Plank Terrace Door