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Swinging Doors

No other hinged door can capture a view as impressive as a Loewen Terrace door, thanks to our expansive glass areas and sturdy all-wood construction. To top it off, our design flexibility allows our customers to choose from a multitude of options, from single Terrace doors to double French doors, both of which are available in wide or narrow stile and in-swing or out-swing versions. Tell us what you need and we will provide you with a custom door that will fit your unique needs.


  • Elegant European-style multipoint lock system with standard stainless steel components for corrosion resistance
  • Our standard stile and rail construction is a thick skin of vertical grain Coastal Douglas Fir over an engineered Coastal Douglas Fir core
  • Our proprietary aluminum storm and screen doors are available in our matching AAMA 2605 finishes; these carefully engineered products ensure maximum protection during storms
  • Standard 1¾” thick panels with the option to move up to the more robust 2¼” thick panels

Virtual Walk-Through

Watch the video.

The best way to get up to speed on our products is an in-person walk-through with one of our product experts. Since that’s not always possible, we’ve produced some videos to explain operation, features, and options.

Exterior Styling

Metal-Clad, All-Wood, or Cyprium

Our Terrace door exteriors can be metal-clad (extruded aluminum), non-clad (all wood), or you can choose a Terrace door from our Cyprium Collection (our Cyprium products are unique in more ways than just the Copper and Bronze cladding, see the Cyprium Collection page for details). To understand all the exterior styles available, hop over to our Colors & Finishes page. You’ll want to look at the clad colors, wood paints & stains, and our Cyprium patinas.

Interior Styling

The Warmth of Wood

The interior of our Terrace doors will be a beautiful and high-performing wood species. Our standard of course is Coastal Douglas Fir, but alternative species like Honduran Mahogany are also available. You can leave the interior with a simple clear coat, stain it, or paint it. To see our limited pre-finishing options, see our Colors & Finishes page.

Terrace Door Hardware

Handles and Multipoint Locks

There’s quite a bit of hardware associated with our Terrace and French doors, especially when our swing screens come into play. Probably the best way to get a grasp of all the necessary hardware would be watching the Vitrual Walk-Through on this page. The video will touch on the Rhino locks, screen door handles and self-closers, passive French door shoot bolts, etc.

Most importantly though, you’ll want to understand all the available handles and finishes. For a comprehensive look at all these offerings, please see our Door Hardware page.

Terrace Doors

Thicker Panels

Our 2 1/4" Terrace doors look and feel more luxurious than any other Terrace door out there. These thick panels accommodate True Triple Glazing with ease and the hardware offers new levels of strength and durability.

Screen & Storm Doors

To Complement Loewen Swinging Doors

Our premium swinging screen door complements our line of Swinging Terrace and French Doors. The screen door can be ordered for clad and all wood doors and is also available as a retrofit into any existing Loewen door frame.

Loewen has taken the functional screen door and designed a robust and clean aesthetic to enhance swinging terrace door entryways.

This is a complete door offering available in all current Loewen clad colors in an AAMA 2605 specification and all anodized finishes to match our doors and frames. Hinge assemblies are also color matched.

The removable standard screen panel is easily replaced with the optional storm panel for increased protection from the elements.

Large sizes are available – up to 3135 mm (123 7/16”) tall with screen only option. Narrow stile and rail dimensions of 2 7/8” allow for maximum openings. The strong construction allows the frame to be built without a bottom kick panel.

Screen & Storm Door

Screen and Storm Doors

Loewen Screen & Storm doors can be ordered with any clad or non-clad Swinging Terrace Door. They are also available as a retro-fit for existing Loewen swinging doors.

Screen & Storm Door

Glass Storm Panels

The screen panel can be removed and replaced with a glass panel for better protection against adverse weather.

Screen & Storm Door


Our Screen & Storm doors automatically come with a pair of self-closers. This system includes hold-open functionality.

Screen & Storm Door

Tampa Handle

Our Tampa swinging screen door handle comes standard with a deadbolt. We also offer our Concord and Thompson swinging screen door handles.

Additional Videos You May Find Helpful