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Glass performance has always been our forte. Our industry-leading performance is in part a result of our exceptional glazing and design specifications. In recent years we have partnered with like-minded innovative glass fabricators to supply technologically-advanced sealed units that get bigger by the day.

Our impressive line of impact products are High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved for maximum protection. Our customers can rest soundly knowing that they are safe with Loewen windows and doors.

  • Standard venting channel beneath the sealed unit for long unit life
  • True Triple sealed unit with optimal ½” airspace between glass to optimize energy efficiency
  • Black stainless steel spacer bar is our standard, resulting in a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic
  • We hold our suppliers to a higher-than-industry standard through enhanced inspections and audits
  • Our impact products are tested with SentryGlas™ interlayers which hold a high tear resistance and are much more rigid than alternative interlayers

We pioneered True Triple Glazing in the 1970’s, which is a testament to our approach on innovation. For premium energy performance, we’ve made triple glazing available across our entire product line.


True Triple Glazing

Our True Triple Glazing executed in our Series 36 Picture/Direct Set window. You'll notice our standard black stainless steel spacer bar.

True Triple Sealed Units

with LowE surface coatings for maximum performance

Triple glazed, with multiple layers of LowE coatings and two 1/2″ airspaces filled with Argon gas and stainless steel thermal spacer bars. Our LowE Triple features full 1/2″ airspaces to maximize energy efficiency unlike other window systems that use lesser performing narrower airspaces.

  • Loewen standard 1/8” (3mm) double strength glass provides greater strength and clarity over thinner glass, making our products more insulative, more soundproof, more resistant to impact and considerably more resistant to stresses caused by fluctuations in temperature
  • Loewen standard sealed units contain Argon gas in all airspaces and machine applied primary and secondary sealants, reducing the chance of seal failure, improving Argon gas retention and increasing strength
  • Venting channel built into the sash helps dissipate should condensation or moisture occur
  • Stainless steel spacer bar is less conductive than aluminum and structurally superior to silicone foam type spacers
  • Sash cladding does not touch the glass which reduces the opportunity for thermal conduction

Specialty Glazing

Additional options include a wide variety of novelty glass treatments. These images are a sample of the offerings that can be added to selected Loewen windows and doors. Please contact your local dealer for the full range of options and applications.

3.9 Austral


English Reed

Narrow Reed

Pattern #62



Satin Etch

Single Glue Chip

Glazing Fabrication

LowE® Glazing Fabrication