Aluminum Cladding - Loewen Windows

Aluminum Cladding

Our extruded aluminum cladding is intricately detailed and withstands serious impact without sustaining damage.

Extruded Aluminum

Strength & Durability

Loewen clad engineering creates extraordinary strength and durability, enabling dramatic design, innovation and inspiration. Loewen Clad and Wood fenestration products use coastal Douglas Fir or Mahogany in frames and sashes. Our low maintenance extruded aluminum is applied for the ultimate in strength, performance and finish longevity. Loewen uses only pre-finished extruded aluminum cladding to better protect window and door exteriors and eliminate the need for painting.

Robust design and engineering can achieve the ideal solution for any opening. Complete your vision with sharp design, customizable options, and the wide-open views that only Loewen can provide.

Extruded Aluminum

Curtain Wall Cladding

In addition to aluminum cladding, our Timber Curtain Walls can be clad in wood or copper and bronze.

Extruded Aluminum

Direct Set Cladding

This photo showcases our standard aluminum frame. For an even more contemporary look, our smaller contemporary frame can be used.

Extruded Aluminum

Custom Door Cladding

This aluminum clad door showcases a clad panel, as opposed to the more common full glazing top to bottom.

Superior Aluminum Cladding

Our heavy guage extruded aluminum cladding retains its shape, resists denting and lasts longer than roll formed aluminum. Loewen’s window cladding is set away from the underlying wood, creating an air space that improves thermal performance and allows moisture to escape.

Across a broad variation in Loewen designs and in demanding environmental conditions, our alloy has the ability to:

  • Withstand serious impact without sustaining damage
  • Allow intricate extrusion detailing
  • Provide the malleability necessary to clad many sizes and shapes
  • Deliver unequaled environmental durability
  • Provide a stable substrate that enhances colorfast paint performance

AAMA 2605 / 70% Kynar Finishes

Loewen’s finish palette provides the perfect finishing touch for fulfilling your vision, while also providing industry leading quality and performance. Loewen’s paint formula includes 70% Kynar 500 PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) resin, which offers the greatest resistance to weathering, fading and chalking. This ensures a beautiful finish that will last when cared for properly. With excellent appearance and durability, these paints meet the specifications of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605.

Aluminum Cladding

Casings, Nosings, Accessories

In addition to our standard frame and our contemporary frame, we offer many extruded aluminum casings, sill noses, and accessories. See our tech guide.