Bow / Bay - Loewen Windows

Bow / Bay

Exterior Styling

Metal-Clad or All-Wood

Our BiFold exteriors can be metal-clad (extruded aluminum) or non-clad (all wood). Therefore, the exterior can showcase any of the clad colors you’ll see on our Colors & Finishes page. In the case of a non-clad unit, a painted or stained finish could be used (see our Colors & Finishes page for our pre-finishing offerings).

Interior Styling

The Warmth of Wood

The interior of our BiFold doors will be a beautiful and high-performing wood species. Our standard of course is Coastal Douglas Fir, but alternative species like Honduran Mahogany are also available. You can leave the interior with a simple clear coat, stain it, or paint it. To see our limited pre-finishing options, see our Colors & Finishes page.

BiFold Hardware

TD Handles, Flush Bolts, Multi-Points

Any man-door in your BiFold configuration will use the same handle sets and multi-point gears as our Terrace and French doors. For information on these as well as the applicable flush bolts and multi-point locks, please see our Hardware page.