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FL Vacation Home with Loewen Products Wins Palladio Award

Villa on the Gulf, Alys Beach, Florida

Loewen is proud to be part of this Florida vacation home, one of three awardees for New Design & Construction in this year’s Palladio Awards which honor outstanding achievement in traditional design.

Also featured in LUXE Magazine in 2016, this project dubbed as ‘Villa on the Gulf’ was designed by Jeff Dungan Architects working with Loewen dealer E.F. San Juan.

For more information about this project or the other winners of the 2018 Palladio Awards, please visit the following links:

Photo credit: Period Homes | https://www.period-homes.com

Lakeside Loewen Project Featured in Artful Living

Artful Living is a Minneapolis-based quarterly magazine that showcases art, lifestyle and beautiful design. Their Spring 2018 issue features a two-page spread of a project called Lake Minnetonka Residence.

The project proudly features Loewen products, thanks to our friends at Synergy Products (link). Design is by Charles R. Stinson Architecture + Design (link), with Streeter & Associates (link) as the builder.

More photos of the project can be seen by following this link: https://www.charlesrstinson.com/project/lake-minnetonka-residence/


Photo credit: Artful Living screen capture from Issuu (https://issuu.com/artful-livingmag/docs/artfulliving_spring2018)

Window & Door Magazine Features Loewen’s Timber Curtain Wall

Window & Door, the publication serving the entire fenestration industry, recently featured the launch of Loewen’s Timber Curtain Wall. The article cites the energy efficiency of the wood frame that comes with the beautiful, expansive views that it offers.

The full article can be viewed at this link: https://windowanddoor.com/news-item/companies/loewen-introduces-timber-curtain-wall.


Photo Gallery Shows Completion of The New American Remodel 2018

The New American Remodel™ 2018  is a project that aimed to transform an 80-year old residence using all new products and building technologies while maintaining some of its original architectural qualities. The renovated home was revealed at the 2018 International Builders’ Show and exclusively uses Loewen windows and doors.

Making up the 2018 Project Team are Farina & Sons (remodeler), Nasrallah Architectural Group, Gribble Interior Group and Redmond Design Company (landscape architecture). The construction photo gallery can be viewed at this link on the project website. The site also offers a 3D Virtual Tour of the home.

Most Expensive Listed Home in SE Wisconsin Fitted With Loewen Windows and Doors

The Minnewoc Mansion on the shores of Oconomowoc Lake has been listed for $10.5 million, making it the most expensive home ever put on the market in Southeastern Wisconsin. Also known as Bullen’s Castle after its builder George Bullen, the mansion is a near replica of Anne Boleyn’s Hever Castle in England.

The Loewen windows and doors installed in the mansion were done by Richards Building Supply Co. from two years ago. The property boasts of a 16,000-square foot living area, six full bathrooms, four half-baths, two laundry rooms, a regular and catering kitchen, a library, bar, game room and theater. It also has a walled garden, water tower, gazebo and three-bedroom guest quarters.

For the full article, please visit this link to the Journal Sentinel.

photo credit: Edgar Visuals, www.edgarvisuals.com

Steinbach Online features Loewen Windows and Doors in Chelster Hall

Steinbach Online, the city’s online community portal, recently featured Loewen Windows and Doors’ involvement in Chelster Hall, Canada’s most expensive luxury home listed at $65 million.

Director of Product Jon Sawatzky recounted the project’s history and how the company handled the challenges of such a massive undertaking.

The article can be read in detail via this link:  https://steinbachonline.com/local/canada-s-most-expensive-home-fitted-with-loewen-windows-and-doors.

Loewen Windows and Doors in Canada’s Most Expensive Home

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Occupying 10 acres of land and spanning 47,000 square feet, Chelster Hall is Canada’s most expensive luxury home listed at $65 million. The property offers 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a private chapel, a two-storey library, an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, home theatre, and numerous entertainment-sized living areas. Chelster Hall sits along Oakville’s “Gold Coast”, with its view of Lake Ontario made all the more breathtaking by Loewen windows and doors.

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All images are from ChelsterHall.ca. © 2016 The Invidiata Team RE/MAX

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Hugo Powell, property owner and former president of Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd., was inspired by Bickling Hall in Norfolk, and wanted to create a home that will stand for centuries. After a decade of residence, the Powells have decided to allow a new owner to continue the story of their estate.

For more details about Chelster Hall, please visit http://chelsterhall.ca/


Glass Concepts Wins Dealer of the Year for Best Showroom Design

Glass Concepts, a Loewen Window Center located in San Rafael, California was honored as Window & Door Magazine’s Dealer of the Year for Best Showroom Design. Loewen congratulates Glass Concepts on this outstanding achievement!

The Dealers of the Year award recognizes window and door retailers and distributors that demonstrate excellence in the areas of marketing, customer service, showroom design and contributions to the community and/or industry. This is the second year in a row that a Loewen Dealer has been one a Dealer of the Year award, after Loewen Window Center of Seattle won in 2015.

For the full article about this, please visit the Window and Door Magazine website via this link: http://windowanddoor.com/article/october-2016/dealer-year-awards-2016-honoring-excellence?page=0%2C3.

feature photo credit: Window and Door Magazine