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The New American Remodeled Home Fitted With Loewen Windows

The 2018 New American Remodel™ is a project that will transform an 80-year old residence using all new products and building technologies, while maintaining some of its original architectural qualities.

Built in 1937 and located just outside of downtown Orlando, FL, the home is now in Phase 2 of the project and Loewen windows have been specified by the builder on account of their high quality and energy efficiency.

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Loewen Products Withstand Hurricane Irma

Loewen was recently featured by Steinbach Online about how its products performed in areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

After the hurricane swept through the Caribbean and southern Florida, Loewen distributors assessed the damage at their job sites. According to Ben Carter who is the Loewen distributor in parts of Florida and the Caribbean, Loewen products came through, “absolutely fantastic.” He remarked that Loewen’s windows and doors performed so well that they are now getting requests for bids all over the islands.

Jon Sawatzky, Director for Product and Marketing, explains that Loewen’s hurricane-resistant windows are designed to provide protection against water filtration from rain and flooding, and that they must also hold up from the impact of flying debris. Although many windows sustained significant damage, he reports that the glass stayed intact and remained secured to the frame, preventing the roof from being blown off.

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