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There are so many styles of wood windows that it can be difficult to choose. It's best to look at the technical specs and the reputation of the window manufacturing company. What is their experience, what materials do they use, and most importantly do they stand behind their products?

Loewen is a leading manufacturer of solid wood windows and doors for commercial and residential customers. The following are some reasons to consider replacing your wood windows or doors with Loewen products:

Cutting edge technology.
Loewen uses cutting edge technology to deliver custom windows and doors in all sizes and shapes.

Highest ratings performance.

Using Douglas Fir as a standard, Loewen windows and doors receive the highest ratings in thermal performance and energy efficiency. When installed, these windows and doors will insulate your home from air leaks.

Outstanding customer service.

Loewen is a top choice of contractors and architects because they provide outstanding customer service and deliver best in class products.

Top choice of commercial buildings.

Hospitals, schools and other institutions choose Loewen due to their triple pane glass for energy efficiency and sound transmission.

Beat harsh weather.

From polar icecaps to Midwestern snowstorms, homeowners in harsh climate rely on Loewen windows and doors for their performance.

Durable and elegant materials.

The choice of wood makes a difference. Loewen uses only Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Alder and Ash, which are known for beauty, durability, and resilience. Douglas Fir is naturally tough, yet capable of sustaining intricate details for an unparalleled, elegant window sash.

Decades of experience.

With decades of experience manufacturing windows and doors, Loewen is an industry leader.

Do you like what you see? The next step is to see the different styles of windows and doors and decide for yourself which is right for your home. Contact us to learn more about Loewen products.


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