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Loewen Windows and Doors in Canada’s Most Expensive Home


Occupying 10 acres of land and spanning 47,000 square feet, Chelster Hall is Canada’s most expensive luxury home listed at $65 million. The property offers 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a private chapel, a two-storey library, an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, home theatre, and numerous entertainment-sized living areas. Chelster Hall sits along Oakville’s “Gold Coast”, with its view of Lake Ontario made all the more breathtaking by Loewen windows and doors.

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Hugo Powell, property owner and former president of Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd., was inspired by Bickling Hall in Norfolk, and wanted to create a home that will stand for centuries. After a decade of residence, the Powells have decided to allow a new owner to continue the story of their estate.

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