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Casement Windows

Classic Style With Remarkable Versatility

Casement windows swing open like a door to provide superior ventilation and easy operation. Suitable for many home styles, Casements shut tightly and provide a firm, lasting seal and one of the highest thermal performance ratings of any window style. Practical and beautiful, Casements are easy to combine with other Loewen window styles for a distinctive look. It’s no wonder the Casement is one of the most popular window styles in markets around the world. Part of what makes our Casement windows unique is the wide variety we offer. Loewen makes four distinct styles of Casement windows.

Loewen prides itself on having an outstanding Casement window, made even better by our long list of quality features: Douglas Fir, double-strength glass, extruded aluminum and 36 Kynar based metal clad paint colors to name just a few.

Part of what makes our Casement special is the wide variety we offer. Loewen makes four distinct styles of Casement windows: Traditional, Mission®, French Chateau, and Push Out.

All Loewen Casement windows feature authentic stile and rail sash corner joinery – no weak miter joints to rob your window of its aesthetic and structural integrity.


  • Optimal thermal performance
  • Exceptional sound attenuation characteristics
  • Standard Loewen Traditional Casements measure to a Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) of 33 for Dual Glaze Heatsmart, and 34 for Triple Glaze Heatsmart. This is exceptionally high for Casement windows and speaks of the product’s high level of fit and finish. Our special Tranquility Glazing Systems offer an STC of 40, in an operable unit (no storm sash required)
  • Opportunity for large, unobstructed views
  • Concealed locking system for added security and weatherproofing. Apart from providing a secure lock, the concealed locks on Loewen Casements are flush with the frame edge and blend into the segment for an unobtrusive, clean appearance — won’t snag drapes and the low mounting position makes them easy to reach and operate
  • Folding crank handle allows window treatments to hang freely

Standard Features

  • Natural, clear Douglas Fir interior (no visible finger joints)
  • Frame construction designed for 4 9/16″ (116 mm) jamb
  • Low E2 insulated glazing with 1/2″ (12 mm) airspace
  • Roto gear operator and concealed sash locks available in standard bronze, sandstone and white and a range of optional finishes
  • Extruded aluminum cladding in a variety of Standard and Architectural Palette colors, primed wood, or clear fir exterior
  • Interior and exterior also available primed or clear fir
  • Extensive weatherstripping system for a durable, form-fitting seal
  • Insect screens available with High Transparency mesh option

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Pushout Casement Window

The minimalist appeal and ease of operation of a simple Push Out Casement sash paired with exceptional sealing characteristics and the advanced thermal performance of the Loewen Traditional Casement — that’s the Loewen Push Out Casement.

The ease of opening a Push Out Casement Window hides the sophistication of its technology — and eliminates the need for a crank handle that can interfere with window treatments.

Closing with and effortless click, the quality construction imparts the sensual feel of a finely designed piece of custom joinery.

The pioneering Push Out Casement Window is available with a traditional or Mission sash; double or triple-glazing and standard rectangular or Camber Top shapes. It incorporates an optional, swinging wood screen to complete the refined Old World look and feel.

All Push Out Casements are quipped with quality, heavy duty stainless steel friction hinges and available in clear wood or metal clad exterior models.

Mission Casement Window

Mission® Casement windows are an identical twin to Traditional Casements with the exception of the bottom sash rail.

The “sash” is the portion of the window that operates. In traditional joinery, the bottom horizontal wood segment (the “rail”) would be constructed of a wood component slightly larger than the other pieces of wood around the glass.

Artisans around the world built window sash this way for hundreds of years — imparting strength and a uniform interior sash “reveal.” Built for those with an appreciation for quality and accuracy, this design element adds richness to many architectural styles, including Craftsman and Spanish Mission.

The enlarged, eye-pleasing 3 1/16″ (78 mm) tall bottom rail is clearly visible on the exterior and makes for a stylish uniform reveal on the interior — all four sides of the closed sash are visible.

And of course, there are no mitered sash joints — only genuine stile and rail construction.

Note that a Mission® sash is also available on Loewen Awning windows.