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Loewen’s Architectural Services division was created with the imagination and passion of Architects in mind. This consultative service exists to connect Loewen’s technical expertise and manufacturing experience with visionaries who live to design, create and inspire.

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We offer many fenestration-related AIA Continuing Education courses. We'd love to schedule an in-person or online Lunch & Learn with you, share some of our knowledge, and earn you some AIA CE credits.

If you’re interested in taking one of the AIA courses listed below, please fill out this form. A Loewen representative will contact you.

Acetylated Wood - 1 LU|HSW

Learn about acetylated wood and its history and how its sustainability characteristics improve green building projects.​

Review the performance benefits and environmental advantages of acetylated wood, understand how the chemical process of acetylation improves the wood, and how performance measures are tested. ​

Examine why windows and doors constructed with acetylated wood are more durable, sustainable, and energy efficient and discuss various applications.​

Explore case studies in historic preservation, sustainability, and extended duration projects where acetylated wood windows and doors were specified.

Course Code – LOEACWD2020

Storm Protection - 1 LU|HSW

Understanding historical basis for codes. Identify and understand regional code requirements related to fenestration. ​

Evaluate storm protection products and how they are differentiated from common fenestration. Identify ideal product features of glazing, base materials, cladding, hardware, and manufacturing.​

Identify and understand product certifications and how product testing (design pressure ratings) is executed in storm products.​

Review the specific product solutions and their appropriateness for different applications or locations. ie: Large opening doors, operating window solutions and fixed window and door transoms.

Course Code – LOESTFRC20

Plant Tour - 1 LU

In-depth look at the unique people, techniques, and processes involved in handcrafted-product creation.

Understanding selection of authentic materials and traditional architectural designs, from the engineering and creation of parts through to final assembly.

Evaluate the support infrastructure of advanced manufacturing technology, engineering, quality control, and product testing.

Course Code – LOEVTOUR20

Installation Standards - 1 LU|HSW

Identify the goals of the residential building envelope, including managing the flow of air and moisture infiltration.​

Discuss the importance of properly designed and applied residential building envelopes, particularly the wall systems.​

Examine the critical role of window and door installation in the overall residential building envelope.​

Review general installation recommendations for high performance residential windows and doors.

Course Code – LOEHPBENV21

Environmental Finishes - 1 LU|HSW

Participants of this course will learn how different paint and anodized finishes rate when compared to architectural specifications. Sustainable materials and cradle-to-cradle considerations are provided. Participants will also learn about the application process to assure informed decisions can be made for specific environments.

Course Code – LOEAEFINISH20

Timber Curtain Walls - 1 LU|HSW

Understand the differences between commercial, store-front systems and purpose-built architectural curtain wall systems.​

Discuss the importance of properly designed and constructed curtain wall systems as a part of the integral building structure. ​

Examine the material options and suitability ​
of curtain wall systems including coatings, claddings, anchors, and integration of operating doors or windows.​

Review the performance expectations and on-site building methods, including AWS and NFRC specifications and integral water shedding.

Course Code – LOEATCW2021

Big Glass - 1 LU|HSW

Why fenestration products are getting bigger. ​

How different types of glass is made, from silica sand to sealed units. Identifying the basic types glass and the attributes each type.​

How to create high performing sealed glass units for any environmental zone. ​

Defining size and weight and engineering boundaries when designing and specifying big glass. The role of international standards.​

Considerations in handling, transportation, packaging, sequencing and delivery and the effect on cost.

Course Code – LOEBGIR2021

Sustainability - 1 LU|HSW

There is an undeniable environmental impact created through the design, construction and use of buildings. Expanding regulatory requirements and a growing market of well-informed consumers have put new pressure on designers to take into consideration the sustainable footprint of every facet of their projects. ​

Understanding the fundamentals of sustainable design as well as available green strategies and solutions is a critical step towards designing a more sustainable built environment.

Course Code – LOESUSRAD21

Value of Handcrafted - 1 LU|HSW

What today’s upscale consumers want.​

The origins of the Arts and Crafts Movement and its return as a ​
modern trend.​

How the Industrial and Technological Revolutions have influenced demand for handcrafted goods, authenticity and connectedness.​

The important elements of handcrafted windows and how they can be incorporated into upscale homes.​

How handcrafted windows provide higher performing, more sustainable fenestration solutions.

Course Code – TVALOEHAND22

Windows & Doors 101 - 1 LU

Illustrate the basic components of windows and doors.

Explore available options in the window and door industry.

Explain why a customer might choose one product line over another.

Provide fundamental window and door knowledge.

Course Code – L101WINDOOR

Plant Tour (In-Person) - 4 LU|HSW

An in-person, in-depth look at the unique people, techniques, and processes involved in handcrafted-product creation.

Understanding selection of authentic materials and traditional architectural designs, from the engineering and creation of parts through to final assembly.

Evaluate the support infrastructure of advanced manufacturing technology, engineering, quality control, and product testing.

Walking Tour of a Handcrafted Window and Door Manufacturing Plant

Course Code – WTLOE22HWD

Winnipeg Architectural Tour (In-Person) - 4 LU

A tour of the city to explore the Brutalist, art deco, and neoclassical architecture. This includes a visit to the Manitoba Hydro Building, it is one of the most energy efficient office towers in North America and has received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.

Hermetic Code Tour – A truly unique event that reveals the arcane and mysterious architectural designs of the Manitoba Legislature.

Course Code – TOW22LOEWPG

We have some online AIA courses you can take right now - earn some AIA CE credits today.

Beyond Windows - 1 LU|HSW

An Online Course with Continuing Education Center

Beyond Windows – Click Here to Take the Course

Identify and recognize the characteristics of different types of glazed openings in buildings and some of the safety and welfare standards that are applicable.

Investigate the potential to achieve design goals while still meeting high-performance needs by using large-format glazing.

Assess the options of large-scale glazing to contribute to the welfare of building occupants through light control, daylight, views, and energy performance.

Specify the appropriate and safe types of large-scale glazed openings for different residential buildings.

Resilient Design - 1 LU|HSW

An Online Course with AC Business

Resilient Design – Click Here to Take the Course

Analyze the importance of resilient design and how to apply resilient design principles in the built environment.

Examine fenestration’s role in resilient design and considerations for specifying highly durable and energy efficient products.

Identify high performance windows and door products that should be considered when designing for resiliency.

Explore the future of fenestration and emerging window technologies that
can respond to climate and occupant preferences.