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Cleaning Glass

Guidelines for Cleaning your Loewen Window or Door

The glass in Loewen products has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. During regular processing and manufacturing, glass is exposed to machines and materials that may leave residue on the glass surface. The following recommendations will significantly reduce the risk of damaging glass during the cleaning process.

During construction, glass should be cleaned as residue and debris appear. Glass can be permanently damaged from improper cleaning procedures.

The Glass Association of North America has published a Glass Information Bulletin, GANA 01-0300, that gives guidance of proper glass cleaning procedures.

Loewen Recommendations

Loewen recommends that metal scrapers and razor blades not be used to clean glass. The use of any metal tool, abrasive cleaner or other method that may be destructive to the glass is at the risk of the user. Loewen warranty does not cover damage incurred during glass cleaning.

GANA has released the following recommendations for cleaning glass (link). Loewen strongly recommends that these industry recommendations be followed.