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Performance Data

Good Design Makes Necessities into Virtues

This design fundamental is never more true than in the demanding world of windows and doors. At Loewen, we strive to provide our customers with the world’s most inspiring windows and doors – but as we inspire, we must also build reliability into everything we make. As with all good design, form follows function. That’s why we focus our attention and craftsmanship not only on aesthetics, but on performance. Thermal performance, strength and stubborn resistance to air and water infiltration are at the core of every Loewen product.

Third Party Measurement and Certification

To enable homeowners, designers, architects and builders to choose the right products, Loewen adheres to universally recognized accreditation and certification programs. Certification allows our performance to be precisely measured and compared to other products and empowers you with objective, scientific tools.

Loewen products are designed to meet most major building codes. Our extensive product line, custom capability and years of market experience make even the most stringent codes achievable. Rely on Loewen to avoid unexpected expense and create your custom applications to code and to specification.