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Architectural Services & Continuing Education


LOEWEN’S ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES division was created with the imagination and passion of Architects in mind. This consultative service exists to collaborate Loewen’s technical expertise and manufacturing experience with visionaries who live to design, create and inspire.



In addition to Loewen’s Architectural Services, we also have a large dealer network including territory managers available throughout Canada and the United States to serve and assist the architectural community. These sales professionals are able to provide detailed information, service and pricing for all Loewen products. Loewen representatives are available for informative product demonstrations, office/site visits, architectural luncheons (which may qualify for AIA Continuing Education Credits), or other functions that require fenestration expertise.


Portable product samples and displays are available through Loewen Territory Managers and the dealer network. These tools aid in understanding product differences and features.
Loewen products are displayed at trade and home shows, including both large national conferences and local exhibitions.

AIA Continuing Education Program


Loewen is a AIA CES Registered Provider, proud to be a partner with the American Institute of Architects The AIA recognizes that continuing education in architecture is crucial to advancing and improving the profession. Loewen is pleased to provide Architects with continuing education to maintain competency, to prepare for the future, to fulfill the continuing education requirements for AIA membership, and frequently to renew state license requirments.


Available Courses

Earn your credits with Loewen AIA CES seminars. Please see the list below for available seminars.

Advanced Environmental Finishes for Windows and Doors

Participants of this course will learn how different paint and anodized finishes rate when compared to architectural specifications. Participants will also learn about the application process to assure a quality product is provided.
Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 LU hour

Architectural Tour: Loewen Manufacturing Plant

The Loewen Manufacturing Plant Tour will expose architects to the techniques, methods, and science behind the expertly crafted Loewen products. Participants will be educated on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the importance of specifying the ideal fenestration products for each project. They will also be exposed to the advantages of using Loewen Architectural Services along with the benefits of lean manufacturing. The tour will include raw materials processing (lumber, glass, metal), and assembly lines.

Length: 3 hours
Credits: 3 LU hours
HSW: Yes

Sustainability in the Window and Door Industry

Sustainability and Green Design are not new concepts. This course will review sustainable design measures (LEED), the availability of low-impact materials (materials that require little energy to process and are non-toxic, sustainably manufactured, and/or contain recycled content) and acceptance / promotion of green building.
Length: 1.5 hours
Credits: 1.5 LU hours
HSW: Yes
SD: Yes

Storm Protection For The Luxury Home

Architects need to ensure that the products they specify will meet or exceed their customer’s needs in coastal applications.

Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 LU hour
HSW: Yes

Luxury Fenestration Ideals

Windows and doors are one of the largest budget items in a building envelope – they plug holes in wall. And as such, it is crucial to specify products that will enhance the character of the space, while providing excellent performance.

Length: 1 hour
Credits: 1 LU hour
HSW: Yes